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The Balmain Rowing Club's Picnic


An Afternoon's Enjoyment


The Balmain Rowing Club had an outing on Saturday afternoon last at Woodford Bay, on the Lane Cove River, where they had been invited to rendezvous by the Captain of the Club. Some fun was caused on arrival at their destination owing to the tide being very low, and the shore shelving flatly necessitated the rowists getting out and doing some over landing with their boats, and in a few instances soft spots were discovered by the travelers who were suddenly taken down a peg or two in earnest, to the amusement of the more fortunate who had struck harder patches. However, even the unlucky ones soon forgot their troubles on reaching terra firma, where refreshments for all was ready and heartily partaken of. Football, racing, and other sports were indulged in until the waning sunlight warned the merry-makers that Balmain was some distance away, and the boats were again turned homeward, where all were snugly housed shortly after half past 6 o’clock


Balmain Observer - 19th September 1885

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