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William "Bill" Nix




William Russell Nix - Elected by committee of Balmain Rowing Club at meeting held 5th inst. Captain of Club for year 1931-1932.


Billy Nix - maiden oarsman, junior oarsman, senior oarsman. Member of the Balmain Rowing club for nearly 10 years. Member of light weight champion eight in 1923-24-25, member of light weight champion four during those years also.  Thats only part of his record. The best years of his life he has devoted to the sport and to our club in particular.  His time, money and patience have all been merged into an effort to get the club into its former prestige. No one will deny that he is our best oarsman at the present time and I defy anyone to say that he is not the best man for the job.  If Billy Nix doesn’t get us there, then it won’t be his fault.





Letter written by Bill Nix - 25 April 1979 reminiscing about Balmain Rowing Club . . . . . . . 


I joined the club late in 1921 season and since then it has treated me very kindly.  A Life Active Membership about 48 years ago, an Eight named for me along time ago and recently a Wager Boat for which I sincerely thank the Committee and Club Members for honouring me.


My most treasured possession is an illuminated photo of the Jubilee Committee presented to me in 1932. I only wish I am spared a few years more to enjoy the centenary of the old club.  During my early association with the club I made mates of so many good men and these have become my life long friends. To name few, Eli Kensey, Frank McGinn, Frank Hidden, Vince Furlong, Jacko McQueen, Euie Baker, Jack Hocking, France Turner, Jack Chapman brother of Ernie and one of the greatest of all Clubmen, Siddy Sharp. Unfortunately time has taken a great many of them.


Please apologise for me being absent from the annual meeting and remember me to all.

Best wishes for the coming season.




Bill Nix



John Booth war hero Blamain Rowing Club
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