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John Booth war hero Blamain Rowing Club
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Be it known . . . .


Hand written training agreement amongst the members of the Junior Eight in preparation for the Balmain Rowing Club Regatta - 1899.

Newspaper report on the race . . . . . . .


Balmain Rowing Club annual Regatta was held last Saturday afternoon over a length of course on Iron Cove.  Junior Eights, best boats, open to all associated clubs. BRC Crew P Kinninmont, W Easton,  P J Kelly, J Ferguson,  C Degatardi,  A W Flemming,  A Swain,  R B Fitzhardinge, (stroke)  W Smith Cox.  This race was rowed from Ramsay’s Point, Leichhardt, to the club house at White Horse Point, a distance of 1 1/2 mile.  Balmain was very late in getting to the start. Both crews got away well, but North Shore met trouble very soon, and Balmain obtained nearly a length’s lead just after starting. Passing over the shallow water at Leichhardt Park both boats shipped a deal of water, and here Balamin made a great mistake in forcing the pace in such a lot of broken water. North Shore showed good judgement by rowing a long dragging stroke, with not too much leg work. Nearing Callan Park the water was much better, and North Shore began to close up, having if anything the better water, but there was not much to choose. Balmain was now hard pressed, and put in some very solid work, the race being very keenly contested,and the result in considerable doubt. Of the two crews North Shore was rowing best, and after passing under Iron Cove Bridge would have a far better course, out of the way of the head sea and wind. However, just as the bridge was reached North Shore had a lead of about 10ft, and appeared to be going away, when Balmain’s boat rolled over, being full of water. This was a great disappointment to the visitor, who would much like to have seen the race truly rowed to the finish. Quist, who steered North Shore, deserves praise for the way he nursed his crew over the bad water. Without wishing to detract from the crew itself, I should say that the crews were fairly equal, and that Quist won.



The Sydney Mail  - 11 March 1899

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