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The Balmain Rag
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In May 1931 the official organ of Balmain Rowing Club was launched and named “The Balmain Rag”. The object of the monthly bulletin was to keep members informed and at the same time, have some fun. Six editions of the colourful, informative and amusing Balmain Rag have survived. They are a unique time capsule capturing the activities and atmosphere of the Club leading up to our Jubilee celebrations, ninety years ago.  

About the editor - Francis Turner (1909-1974) became a member of Balmain Rowing Club in February 1930.  In the following year he was elected onto the committee as honorary treasurer. In July 1931 he was appointed Editor of The Balmain Rag.  Balmain Rowing Club’s “Clubman of the Year” trophy, was named in honour of Francis Turner after his death in 1974.

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