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Balmain Rowing Club Archives 
Click on the images below to learn about some of our early pioneers, club champions and historical events that have shaped the rich history of Balmain Rowing Club. Compiled by our resident archivist, Beverley Malone, included are historical war time letters and journal entries written by our oarsmen during WWI.  For further information or if you would like to contribute to the archives please email Archives
John Booth Esq

John Booth Esq 1882

William Hutchinson

W A Hutchinson 1882

A Protest 1882

First Ball School of Arts 1882

Frank J Smith

Frank J Smith 1885

BRC Picnic

Lane Cove Outing 1885

William Ainsworth 1886

Albert Goodyear

Albert Goodyear 1886

James Frazer

James Fraser 1886

William Beach

William Beach 1887

T R Thompson

T R Thompson 1887

Edward W Martin

Edward W Martin 1888

White Horse Reserve 1868-1910

Lord Carrington 1886

Regatta Ticket 1891

BRC's Fleet 1896

1896 winners Yaralla Cup Yeend (with Pipe) cox W Smith

Yaralla Cup Winners 1896

Yaralla Cup Winners 1898

Balmain Regatta Maiden Fours 1896

Balmain Regatta - Maiden Fours 1896

Solomon Hyam 1897

William Macnee

William Macnee 1898

16th Annual Regatta 1898

Be it known . . . 1899

Bubonic Plague 1900

Smoke Concert 1900

Federal Regatta 1901

Federal Regatta Flagship 1901

Sydney J Porter 1907

Champion Eight BRC Regatta 1904

S S Bronzewing 1904

Norman Lethbridge 1910

Michael E Chapman 1911

Champion Eight of NSW 1912-1913

Olympic Games 1912

Stuart Amess 1912

Thomas C Parker 1912

Harry Hausenstein 1915

Edwin J Holborn 1914

Lest We Forget 1914-1918

John Booth jnr 1917

Roy Magnussen

John Goodsir 1916

Leslie S Allen 1916

Marshall MacNamara 1915

BRC & LRC Football Match 1915

Roll of Honor 1921

Robert Neilson 1921

39th Annual Report 1920-21

Champion Four of NSW 1923-1924

Shy Of The Girls 1926

John B Sharp 1927

Christening of the S J Porter 1925

Joe Andreoli 1930

Cecil Pearce - 1936

Jubilee Smoke Concert 1931

William "Bill" Nix 1931

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