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John Bennett Sharp

Illuminated Address presented to J B Sharp Esquire, from the members of Balmain Rowing Club - 25 May 1927


To J B Sharp Esquire


Dear Sir,  


The occasion of the 45th annual meeting of the Balmain Rowing Club affords us the opportunity to express in some small measure our keen appreciation of your invaluable services since your election as President, 5 years ago.


Taking office as you did, in a difficult period when our property and finances were at a low ebb, it must afford you considerable satisfaction to know that your untiring personal efforts and the support you have enlisted on our behalf and above all your sound practical advice, has enabled us, not only to acquire a new and excellent fleet, but to completely rehabilitate our Club House and finances.


The generous purchase of a launch and other facilities provided by you have ensured that our crews have gone to the mark under specially favoured conditions, and the hospitality of Mrs Sharp and yourself on the occasion of our Committee meetings has made the administration of the Club a pleasure.


The many week-end outings when you have been our host will ever remain as most happy memories of a pleasant period of the Club’s history and your solicitude as to the welfare of visiting crews and oarsmen generally, has earned for our Club a prestige that is unique.


The close personal interest you maintain by regular attendance at the Club House is of great gratification to the Executive Officers, feeling as we do, that your personality and enthusiasm must imbue members with the desire to place the club in the premier position you have so earnestly striven for.


It is our earnest hope that your many activities will allow you to long continue your esteemed association with us.


Signed on behalf of the members.


D F Neilson. captain - W A Thompson vice captain - J S Sharp hon treas - J Mackell hon secty - S J Porter - J McQueen - R Whitnall - R Neilson - R Porter - E Baker - J W Neilson


25 May 1927

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