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Hall Hire - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I hire the BRC hall for 21sts, 18ths, 16ths, or end of uni/school parties?

A. No.

Q. Is there a curfew?

A. Yes, your function must finish by 11pm and the premises and surrounding area vacated by 11.30pm (all quiet in the street by 11.30pm). Hirers should ensure guests say their goodbyes/discuss arrangements for 'kicking on' before exiting the hall and keep noise to a minimum when getting into their cars.

Q. How do I make a booking?

A. Check the calendar to see if your preferred date is available. Once you have inspected the hall, download the Hall Hire Agreement and email the completed form to the Hall Hire Co-ordinator (email address is on the form). Your application will be reviewed and if approved you will be asked to confirm the booking by directly depositing the hire fee into BRC’s account, a receipt will be issued to you. Dates cannot be held without full payment - you only have a booking once the Agreement is approved and full payment has been made..

Q. How and when will the security bond be refunded?

A. If there is no damage and you return the hall to the way you received it the bond will normally be refunded to you within one week of your hire.

Q. Can I inspect the hall?

A. You can visit on a weekend about 8am/8:30am when the hall is open for rowers or at other times as agreed with the Hall Hire Co-ordinator.

Q. How many guests am I allowed to have?

A. Balmain Rowing Club has a maximum capacity of 80 persons. There should be sufficient space in the hall for all 80 people in most configurations. Please refer to the Agreement and floor plan for more details.

Q. Does Balmain Rowing Club cater?

A. We do not have any catering services, we only hire the hall-space itself. You are of course free to arrange a caterer of your choosing if you wish to have a catered function.

Q. When can I gain access for setting up?

A. A hall key will be given to you at 10am on the day of your hire and assuming your bond has been received by BRC.

Q. When am I required to return the key?

A. You are required to return the key by 8.30am the next morning, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Q. Am I required to clean the hall after use?

A. You are required to remove all food and food scraps, drinks, empty bottles/cans, flowers and decorations.  Any cigarette butts and litter that is dropped outside the entrance and the club’s surrounds must be picked up and placed in the bins provided. The club’s cleaner will vacuum and mop all floors, clean/wipe kitchen benches and toilet/bathrooms. Balcony sliding doors will also be freshly cleaned and front porch entrance swept to ensure that the hall is an appropriate state for the next function.

Q. Am I required to remove my rubbish?

A. As above, foodstuffs, waste, paper, glass, cans and decorations etc are all to be removed from the premises and its precinct. Two general use council wheelie bins are located outside the club’s entrance. Any rubbish which cannot fit into the two bins provided (lids closed) you are required to take away with you. Any items left for BRC to dispose of may result in forfeiture of the security bond. . Please BYO garbage bags for the kitchen bins.

Q. Does BRC provide plates and glasses?

A. We do not provide any plates, glasses, cutlery. All the equipment provided by BRC are listed on the Agreement.

Q. Is BRC a smoking Venue?

A. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises of Balmain Rowing Club including the balcony. Under no circumstances are cigarette butts to be thrown onto the pontoon/decking, thrown into the harbour or left scattered around the club's premises. Breaches may result in forfeiture of the security bond.

Q. Does BRC provide a PA system?

A. There is no PA system in the building. You may bring your own equipment into the hall, but please also see the question below regarding noise.

Q. Does the Hall have disabled access?

A. Yes, a path leads directly to the door of the club from the street, Disabled toilet facilities are also available.

Q. What type of parking is available around the club?

A. Only street parking is available. BRC does not have any off-street parking.

Q. Can I decorate the walls and the structure of the hall?

A. You are allowed to put up non-permanent decorations inside the hall, provided that all fixings are STRING or ZIP TIES only. No tape or Blu Tack is allowed to preserve painted surfaces.

Q. How much noise am I allowed to make?

A. The BRC hall is located in a residential area, so we cannot accept hirers who are going to disturb our neighbours. Noise and music must be kept to moderate levels and contained within the hall. Hirers are required to be considerate towards neighbours when returning to their cars or accessing taxis by keeping noise to a minimum. Taxis must not announce their arrival by honking their horns.

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