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Edwin John Holborn



 Edwin John HOLBORN. No 5 Inter-state crew. This big man of the combination is a very well set-up athlete scaling 12.12, and though only an oarsman of two seasons experience, has performed very creditably. Starting out with the Balmain Rowing Club in the 1912-13 season he scored wins in Maiden Fours, Maiden Eights, Champion Eights, and rowed No 5 in the Inter-State Crew. During the present season his wins have been in champion Eights, two Senior Eights, and Senior Fours, a fine performance for the first two season’s rowing. Holborn is a champion in the making, and when he has mastered the finer points of the rower’s art, should go far in big racing.


The Arrow - 18th April 1914

John Booth war hero Blamain Rowing Club
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