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Edwin John Holborn

 Edwin John HOLBORN No 5 Inter-state crew. This big man of the combination is a very well set-up athlete scaling 12.12, and though only an oarsman of two seasons experience, has performed very creditably. Starting out with the Balmain Rowing Club in the 1912-13 season he scored wins in Maiden Fours, Maiden Eights, Champion Eights, and rowed No 5 in the Inter-State Crew. During the present season his wins have been in champion Eights, two Senior Eights, and Senior Fours, a fine performance for the first two season’s rowing. Holborn is a champion in the making, and when he has mastered the finer points of the rower’s art, should go far in big racing.

The Arrow - 18th April 1914

Letters From the Front WWl

Edwin J Holborn, the Balmain and Interstate oarsman, writing to the hon. Secretary, NSW Rowing Association, from Weymouth, England, on 29 September 1915, says . . . .


“Unfortunately, when our chaps left for the front some time ago I was ill in hospital, but I am pleased to say that all signs of sickness have disappeared, and I am fit to row or fight for a Kingdom.  There are about 50 of our chaps here, and at last we have marching orders, so the next letter you receive form me will be headed “Somewhere in France.”   Had an interesting two days’ journey this week, and saw many torpedoes,  it is surprising to see what little things they are considering the damage they do.  They are provided with propeller, etc., and can do 50 miles an hour.  They are tried at this place to see if they run straight and then towed back to the works, charged, and are ready for the damage intended of them.  I also had a look over ________, where some big guns are being tried, and the accuracy of the shooting was remarkable.  Good-bye to our ammunition column if the other side are similarly accurate, and can get our range.


Give all rowing friends my best regards, and tell the boys at Balmain that I will keep them interested on the club balcony on my return.”


Holborn left Australia in December last with the 1st Australian Division Ammunition Park, which has since been attached to the 17th Division of the British Army.

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