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John Booth war hero Blamain Rowing Club
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Marshall MacNamara


Mr Neil MacNamara, captain of the Balmain rowing club has received the following letter from his brother Quartermaster Sergeant Marshall MacNamara


“I wrote twice - once from last port of call and once from sea. You know we are not allowed to mention names of ports nor to mention probable destination, although nothing is know for certain. The first day out proved a little heavy as a result mal de mer got me badly, but I had plenty of company, and have quite recovered now. It is wonderful the large number of fellows aboard known to me amongst them are Les Thompson, Stan Smith, Kenington, George Horsey, Alan Little, Stopford, Cartwright, Eric Steel and about ten Manly Life-Saving club boys. At the present time we are organising a sports afternoon, and I am assisting the running of boxing tournament. Soldier Garland is now a sergeant in the artillery, and he is to be referee, while Bert Althorn is one of the committee. Our company have a few good featherweights, and one heavy, and look like catching a prize. The food in the sergeants’ mess is quite all right, but I don’t relish it too much; still, you can put that down to my fastidiousness. Don’t forget to dish a line from time to time, and remember me to all the boys”


QMS MacNamara was an ex-member of the Balmain Rowing club, and played for a couple of seasons with the Holwood Football club, he is also fairly good amateur boxer. His many friends hope that he will have the good fortune.


Referee and Arrow - 18 December 1915

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