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John Booth war hero Blamain Rowing Club
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Balmain Rowing Club's Annual Regatta


March 14, 1891


Last Saturday was a miserable a day for rowing as any we have had for a very long time. The wind was blowing with considerable force from the south, and the heavy rain added to the general unpleasantness of the afternoon. Still, the clubs having work to do did it.


The Balmain Rowing Club annual regatta took place on Iron Cove and a number of ladies and other visitors attended on the steamer Rose to follow the races. After some time spent in the wet and wind, the visitors went over to the clubhouse, and spent an enjoyable afternoon under shelter. Several heats had been previously rowed, and the finals took place on Saturday.  The programme consisted of five events, but the last, that of scratch fours, did not come off, as time would not permit.


Mr F J Smith acted as starter, Mr J Durning as umpire, and Captain T R Thompson as judge. Mr A Debue performed the duties of secretary in a satisfactory manner.


The following are the particulars of the racing:-


Senior Pairs - Course, from club shed round two piers of the Iron Cove bridge and back to shed.


Maiden Fours - Course, from Rodd Island to club shed.


Handicap Single Sculls - Course, from shed round Schnapper and Spectacle Islands, and back.


Trial Fours - Course from Rodd Island to club shed.



Sydney Morning Herald - 16 March 1891

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