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John Booth war hero Blamain Rowing Club
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Roy Magnussen

News from the front


Gunner Roy Magnussen of the 1st Field Artillery Brigade, has written the following letter to Mr Neil MacNamara, captain of the Balmain Rowing club:


“Just a line to let you know I’m leaving Zeitoun camp tomorrow for some place unknown, but strongly suspect to be the Gallipoli Peninsula, and I can assure you that I am real glad to get out of this place, as Cairo is no good to me. There is not much to do here at this camp. We have had a few games of football, but outside of this things are very quiet indeed. I don’t know if I told you about our trip from Australia, but we had a pretty good one on the whole and with the exception of crossing the equator, a rather quiet time. Crossing the line there was the usual amount of water tossed about, and I enjoyed it immensely. Well, I want to write to a few more before I go to bed as they do not allow you to write too many letters over a at the Peninsula. So remember me to all the boys at the rowing club. Wishing them and yourself a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year".


”Referee and Arrow -  1 January 1916





Gunner Roy Magnussen, of the Balmain Rowing club, has written the following letter from Egypt to Mr Chidgey, hon secretary. The letter is dated November 11 1915. 


“I’m having a quiet time, and I think I’m losing weight, but I feel as fit as a fiddle. I am in Oasis Camp, with Eugene MacNamara. How is your secretarial work going? I had a good row with an eight in Melbourne while I was there. We went over the Henly course, and right up past the wharves. Just as I am writing this, orders have come to pack up, as we are to go to Gallipoli at 8.45 tomorrow morning, and we have a special guard on camp this afternoon to stop us leaving. Well, Jack, I’ll have to cut this short for obvious reasons, and so will say good-bye, and wish you and all the Balmain Rowing Club boys the compliments of the season".


Referee and Arrow

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