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Mr W A Hutchinson


The Mayor of Balmain, Mr W A Hutchinson, at the opening of the Balmain Rowing club, addressed the assemblage, alluding to the great benefit which such a club should be to the young men of the borough, and said he was pleased to see, from the large attendance, that the club had the sympathy of the public. Hearty cheers having been given for the success of the club. Miss Mary Hutchinson advanced to the ways, on which was placed a club skiff decorated with ribbons and flowers, and on it a bottle of champagne, and with a mallet broke the bottle and thereby duly christened the club and declared it open, and as the boat launched into the water the yellow and black flag, the colours of the club was hoisted on the building and amidst hearty cheers the club was thus officially opened.



Australian Town and Country Journal -  25 November 1882

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