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Stuart Amess


Australian crew for Olympic games at Stockholm 


Stuart Amess is a very fine and powerful oar. He was chosen for last year’s crew, but fell out owing to sickness. He rows at 12st with finished style, and is always there when he is wanted.


Referee - Wednesday 24 January 1912



STUART AMESS, who fills the responsible seat of No 7 in this year’s Inter-State Crew, is a prominent member of the Balmain Rowing Club, and the most experienced oarsman in the boat. He was selected as emergency man to the big 1911 winning Inter-State Crew, and 1909, he quickly won his maiden and junior races, and since that date has the following brilliant record of wins:- Champion Eights (3), Senior Eights (4), Champion Fours (1), Senior Fours (5), securing representative honors in the last year’s crews at Adelaide, rowing in the No 6 seat. As stroke he has performed remarkably well for his club during the present season, and rowed two well-judged winning races in eights and one four in the responsible seat, being a strong candidate for that position in the present State crew. A strong oarsman, scaling 11.6 he is full of grit and determination, and can be relied on to see a gruelling race of three miles through to the bitter end.


The Arrow - 18th April 1914

John Booth war hero Blamain Rowing Club
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