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John Booth war hero Blamain Rowing Club

William R Ainsworth



Mr William R Ainsworth was one of four members of the Balmain Rowing club that met last night in the Balmain School of Arts, to be entertain at a complimentary dinner. Mr Ainsworth’s valuable services to the club were considered deserving of such recognition. Mr Ainsworth was the first secretary of the club, who had had the hard uphill work of pulling it through the difficulties of its formation. The services Mr Ainsworth had rendered would never be forgotten as long as the club was in existence.


Mr Ainsworth thanked his brother members in feeling terms for their expression of goodwill. He regretted exceedingly his enforced separation from so many friends, owing to his having undertaken certain duties which would require his attention elsewhere, but he would always give them his best assistance.


Sydney Morning Herald - 30 January 1886


Photo - courtesy of Leichhardt Library

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