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John Booth Esq


We are informed that John Booth, Esq., on Saturday last, purchased at auction the boat shed erected on the proposed site for the Balmain Rowing club, and with his usual liberality intends presenting it to the club.

Evening News, 13 June 1882


John Booth was in that first year of the elected a Vice president to Balmain Rowing Club, he held that position for approximately twelve years.  He is noted in those years as attending the Balmain Rowing Club's Annual Ball, Smoke Concerts, and being active in the running of the club‘s regattas. On numerous occasions his generosity and support to the club is noted in the way of liberal offers of prizes and trophies.  Often he would place his steamer, Octavia, at the disposal of the club, as to accommodate  the ladies and other visitors to follow the races on regatta days.







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