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John Booth war hero Blamain Rowing Club

NSW Leightweight Eight-Oar Championship 1925


The lightweight eight-oar championship of the State attracted Mosman, Balmain, Drummoyne and Leichhardt, and one of the finest eight-oar races ever contested resulted. Drummoyne gained a length in the first 500 yards, at Elliott Street, Drummoyne, they in creased their lead to two lengths. The race looked a good thing for Druymmoyne, but about 100 yards from Iron Cove bridge Balmain challenged Mosman and the leaders. What a race it was from here. Balmain crept up foot by foot.  With 10 yards to go the crews were dead level. Sid Sharp, Balmain's coach called again, and his men won by 10 feet.


One of the most exciting contests seen in Sydney.



Referee - 11 March 1925 

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