Tiger Old Boys Reunion at the Balmain JB Sharp

Pictured L->R, John Hanson, Richard Hunt, David Longhurst, Gary Pearce, Con Lucas, John Gray, Don Trimble and kneeling Jim Lucas.

It was great to see a good turnout of BRC old boys sharing a few laughs and memories at the JB Sharp on 24th July.

Among them several former winners of the JB Sharp Walker & Hall Challice. Richard Hunt won it 3 times in the 70s and around that period BRC won it about 10 times. Richard also won a number of State and National titles during the 70's including representation in the state lightweight four. In those days there was a coxed (Yes COXED!) pair in which he and Terry Maher were the National Champions.

Gary Pearce won his Silver Medal at the 1968 Mexico Olympics and competed in 4 Olympics, including 1972 Munich Games where the terrible Meinhof massacre occurred.

With the exception of Richard Hunt most of these guys had ceased rowing competitively (except for some cameo appearances) in the early 1970's.

There are rumours of them getting back out on the water for a paddle soon...stay tuned!

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