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Restoration Project Update

The Google Earth image of the club has just been updated and shows how much of the BRC Restoration Project has been acomplished in the past 3 years. A great effort so far but there is still much to be done.

There are currently 3 stages of the project "on the boil":

Stage 2. Completion of the East Wing to allow more storage space.

Stage 3. Extension and repositioning of the staging and pontoon to allow better boat handling.and to connect the 3 wings and the Side Access.

Stage 4. Construction of the Side Access to fasciitate disabled access and handling of boats to the street level. This is with council at the moment and almost out to tender.

Which stage goes ahead will largely depend on whether the tender offers for the Side Access come in on budget. If they are beyond the safe reserves of the club then the Committee will decide whether the East Wing or the Staging Extension will go ahead.

If anyone has any possible funding sources/approaches to further these worthwhile projects either in materials or cash please contact me or the committee directly.

Joe Grech

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