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2016 Balmain Rowing Club Regatta

Congratulations to all those who organised, ran and competed in the BRC Regatta, held on Iron Cove on Sunday 7 February.

BRC has a long tradition of running regattas. Above is the front page of the program for the 1892 regatta (sadly we did not book the flag steamer "Pheasant" this year). The weather gods were kind to us with a mostly cloudy and windless day and the program ran smoothly.

Thank you to the tinnie drivers, pontoon marshals, course layers, runners, coaches, time keepers, regatta marshals and lunch makers. You all know who you are.

BRC was well represented in the WD4x with 6 quads competing, picking up 2 wins and a second place. Rachel Egan also chalked up the first win in the new "Bill Beach" single.

Congratulations to all out winners.

The regatta was also an opportunity for some of the BRC "old boys"; Cliff Fountain, Allen Turner and his partner Barbara Ruffels, Jim Lucas (started as a cox in the 60's), Con Lucas (ex treasurer) and John Gray, to reconnect with the club and share a few stories of regattas past over a leisurly lunch at UTS Rowers. They also got to hand out a few medals. We look forward to seeing them around the club in the near future.

Thank you also to UTS Haberfield Rowing Club for allowing us to use their world class facility on the day.

We look forward to seeing you all (and more spectators) at the 2017 BRC Regatta.

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