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Taree Summer Regatta

The womens masters squad flew the flag for Balmain this year at the Taree Summer Regatta hosted by Manning River Rowing Club on 13 - 15 January.

Soaring temperatures and strong winds proved challenging on the Friday and Saturday but the girls managed the conditions well. Vic & Jules had a great race finishing 2nd in the WMD2x. The WM8+ also raced well, staying with North Shore all the way to finish 3rd.

Huge thanks to Owen for trailering the boats there and back and for all your support over the weekend. Unfortunately it was an eventful trip back with a shredded tyre on the trailer 15 minutes from Taree. A passing semi-trailer then blew the trailer off the jack, requiring a second jack to put the spare tyre on. Many thanks to Renate, Aimee and Owen's Dad for helping out.

Thanks also to Captain Renate for filling a seat and for all your support and encouragement; to Lilly Taranto for filling seats and coxing and to Rose Clay, Lilly and Rosie Taranto for being the best support crew and cheer leaders over the 3 days.

It was a fun weekend and a chance to catch up and relax with fellow members.

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