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Junior squads compete in force at the Leichhardt Regatta

Congratulations to all our winners at the Leichhardt Regatta on Sunday 5th March. A Great effort from our junior boys and girls. Eoghan Kilbridge won both his single races and in the WD8+ it was only the 3rd time the girls had rowed together. Let's keep up the great work!


Kevin Wall - Para1x Kevin Wall, Liam James - Para 2x

Eoghan Kilbridge - MA/B1x, MD1x

Riley Mumberson - MD1x Marco Cirjak - MD1x

Danika Harrison, Marta Bako, Louella May Oswald, Maria O'Connor - WD 4x

Lilli Taranto, Caitlin Jeffries, Miku Johnson, Teresa Klinner-Teo, Zoe Reid, Maxine Franz, Rachael Egan, Michaela Franz, Cox: Sarah Jeffries - WD8+

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