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BRC stalwart and life member, Mike Ryan passes away

BRC stalwart and all round nice guy Mike Ryan passed away unexpectedly yesterday afternoon.

Mike joined BRC about 1967. His first competition was in a JB Sharp Regatta in the 'tub-pair', rowing with his mate Warren Fountain.

Around 1969/70 Mike moved to Mount Isa. Despite the distance he often had BRC on his mind and the committee regularly received letters suggesting money raising ideas: 100 Clubs / Raffles with a twist / etc.

A trip to Ireland with three mates in the 70s nearly cost him and his mates their lives, when IRA operatives decided the clean cut young twenty-something year olds, driving a flash Austin England, were young British army officers and ambushed them. They survived, just!

Mike was always keen to help serving on the committee for many years, ran learn to rows, held fundraising functions and was one of the founding members of the New building committee. he was passionate about the club. Mike was always ready to lend a hand, look at what improvements might be made to the shed, co-op volunteers (including his lovely wife Maree) and find the funds and do it.

He was honoured with BRC Life Membership in 2000. He will be sadly missed.

Written by David Longhurst

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