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Tigers do City2Surf 2019

City2Surf 2019 saw two BRC members, who couldn't be more different in stature yet carried the same spirit, running in the BRC yellow & black rowing shirts. The day was perfect for running, not too hot, too cold, or even too sunny...just pleasant. Joe was in the blue group and ran all of heartbreak hill, had to wait for a while to see Ann, who started in yellow group and Linda and Kim leading the support group running more than half of the course, at the finish. He used the time "wisely" to line up at Nova cart, getting coffee for the later finishers. Afterward, we all took Linda's suggestion to walk to Bondi Junction instead of waiting for the free bus, we all enjoyed a simple but lovely Japanese lunch before taking trains home, promised ourselves long deserving hot baths. It was a really nice day. May be one year, we might see a few more yellow & black shirts running...would be even more fun !


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