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INAS Global Games

At the end of many months of intensive preparation last week a group from Balmain Rowing Club competed at the INAS Games in Brisbane, having been selected by Rowing Australia as part of the Australian team.

The IINAS games mission statement…to create opportunities, supports and services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities; so that they can develop and maintain healthy lifestyles and reach their highest potential in sport and in life.

Congratulations to our competitors who achieved fantastic results and won many medals!

Nikolai Olding Lauren Webber Bronte Marshall Ellie Taylor Ruby Sutherland

And a huge thanks to the coaches and support crew: Barbara Ramjan (Assistant Coach for the Aussie Team, many many coaching hours) Anne Craig (who travelled up to Qld herself to support the squad, many many coaching hours) Liam James (boat rigging) Emily Principe, Jack Calderan and Steven Lawler (as support rowers)

These people put us on the international stage so please congratulate them and ask about their individual experiences when you next see them at the club.

Results Scroll down to "Balmain" under club

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