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BRC hosts Iron Cove Classic 3

Thank you everyone who competed, volunteered or just simply turned up to spectate at yesterday's Iron Cove Classic!

Thank-you coaches & athletes - we fielded six full BRC crews and can see some great improvements in times and results. Our WD8+ came second in their event and our MM8+ were the third quickest MM8+ on the course on raw times. Every crew did our tiger colours proud, so well done! Great to see competitors spanning the full range of abilities and ages.

Thank-you volunteers - the volunteer group of Renate Ijpma, Jim Lucas, Bob Greaves, Rob Keane, David Longhurst, Chris Morgan, Niki Reed and Ann Pham made sure the regatta ran smoothly and on time. We started 46 racing crews within 20 seconds of the gazetted start time and the race was held with minimal fuss. The efforts of this team enabled to BRC to field as many athletes as possible. Thank-you also Jeremy and MM crew for setting and packing down the course with minimal fuss.

Thank-you everyone who pitched in to cook the BBQ - juniors. Jock, Michael and many others.

Thank-you Drummoyne for the loan of regatta equipment and BRO boats.

Thank-you BRC for the great atmosphere around the club! Power to your efforts.

Nick MacDonald

BRC Captain

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