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2021 Australian Rowing Championships Results

Congratulations to athletes and coaches from Aust Rowing Championships 2021

From the Athletes

Bronte and I were so proud to represent Balmain Rowing Club at the recent Australian Rowing Championships at Lake Barrington in Tasmania.

To come away with seven medals between us was very exciting and showed all the hard work had paid off.

This could not have been achieved without the support of the club and especially our coaches, Anne, Liam and Barb.

Special thanks to Barb who gave up her time and came to Tasmania with us. Her support and guidance throughout the event was and always is truly appreciated. Lauren.

Many thanks for the Clubs support with funding the transport of their boats to Tasmania. That is greatly appreciated by all of us.

From the coaches

Two of our young para women - Bronte Marshall and Lauren Webber competed at the Australian Rowing Championships (ARC) held at Lake Barrington, Tasmania from March 22- 28 . This can be the toughest course in Australia to race on if the wind is a headwind, for these two every race was a headwind with the para women’s singles held in gusts up to 68 kms per hour.

They performed well above expectation and never faulted no matter the wind, the water or their competition. They refused to lose.

Their results -

Lauren Webber

Bronze - PR3 W1x

Silver - PR3 Mi4+

Gold ( and now both a State and National Champion ) PR3 1x Sprint

4th PR3 Mi 2x

Bronte Marshall

Silver - PR3 W1x

Silver - PR3 Mi2x

Silver - PR3 Mi4+

The above results scored hefty points for NSW and assisted in the winning of the Bob Blake Shield for the NSW with the most Para points won at the ARC.

Bronte was also selected to row as the NSW Representative in the Interstate Regatta winning Bronze for NSW and again doing so in challenging blustery conditions.

Special thanks to their three coaches, Anne Craig, Liam James and Barbara Ramjan who ensured their preparation and training program had them ready to compete and podium no matter the conditions !

7 individual medals

6 coaches medals !

Just fantastic !


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