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AGM 2023

On Sunday 6 August at 10am the Annual AGM was held for the first time at the newly renovated clubhouse.

It was a chance to celebrate and acknowledged all those involved in the big build.

Thanks to the efforts of many, we have a facility to be proud of now and long into the future.

Thanks to Vic and the Masters women for organising breakfast.

Congratulations to all our winners:

Renate Ijpma

May Agnew Trophy for most competitive female member who race in the most RNSW events

Allen Turner Trophy for most points scored in Masters events

Lynette Skelton Trophy for Masters member scoring the most competition points

Col Campbell Trophy for the most competition points in RNSW Regatta events carrying points

Michael Kemp

Kevin Agnew Award for most competitive male member

Joseph Thoennes

Keith Swanson Trophy for the quiet achiever who does much behind the scenes to make things work.

Michael MacCormick

Iain Toll Perpetual Trophy for all round ability as a rower and contribution to the club

John Reading

Richard Hunt & Terry Maher Trophy for Coach of the Year

Kit Hartley

Graham Gardiner Award for best performance by a Coxswain.

Joe Grech

Francis Turner Perpetual Trophy for "Clubman of the Year'


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