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Building Progress (the lift)

We can finally report that after fifteen years plus of planning/meetings/talking/repeat that a big mile stone has been achieved ie "the lift is complete". So quietly and without fanfare on a wet winters day the old Balmain Rowing Club moved slowly upward to reach its new very unfamiliar height. This was achieved by stretching of the space between the boathouse floor and the boathouse ceiling, providing a massive 1.1 meter more headroom in that space.

We now also have windows again on the south side which will improve ventilation for the hall.

The work will now focus on rebuilding which is extending the lower ground structure so that the building load can be taken up on the the walls/columns that will form the permanent support for the building allowing the jack to be removed.

Big thank you to our members who kept the faith, the committee, our builders and particularly our specialist lifting contractors McDonald Contracting who put in the big yards to make this concept a reality.


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