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Head of the Nepean #2

Balmain was represented by six single sculls and a quad at The Nepean Head #2 on Sunday 12th

December. Due to the recent heavy rain fall the Nepean River was swollen causing the current to

run quite swiftly, this made it challenging rowing the 4 kms to the start line. Fortunately on racing

back down the river, the current was in our favour throughout the race and helped everyone

sustain what seem to be superwomen splits and stroke rates :-)

Out of the seven events BRC contested the good old black and yellow came home with three

podium finishes -

Marta Bako, Louella Oswald, Beverley Malone and Anja Wever entered the WM 4x - after a

clumsy start they quickly got it together, rowing uniformly and full of grit and determination they

took out first place in their event.

Freja Warner Van Dijk entered the WO 1x - she rowed the long course with finished style all the

way through to the bitter end and also secured a first place medal. Freja performed her first

official duty as Vice Captain by handing out medals to our BRC winners.

Renate Ijpma entered the WM 1x - a plucky and clever rower, she is a high class sculler of the

smooth water school and came in with third place in her event.

James Hutton entered the MM 1x - he displayed dash & life with plenty of vim to throw into the

struggle and raced the fastest time in his event on the day, he was bumped into 5th place after

handicap adjustments.

The morning had its hiccups with a couple of BRC rowers finding themselves immersed in the

flowing river. One claims she hit a cow and was tipped out (to be verified) - a big thank you to the

officials who assisted in her rescue. The other thought she was on terra firma when disembarking,

but alas was mistaken and sunk into the deep waters. Lots of fuel for laughter over our well

earned breakfast and coffee.

Our great morning was made possible with the assistance of Peter Van Dijk who towed our trailer

to Penrith and back. Peter took the time to be our photographer capturing the great moments of

the mighty BRC black and yellow crews in action. Thank you Peter!

What a morning!


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